Configuring outbound IP for SMTP service  
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IIS >> Configuring outbound IP for SMTP service

Using Win2K3 server - apparently for outbound email the SMTP service is
using the default IP address on the NIC card as the IP seen by the receiving
mail server. How can I change this?

For example my server has multiple IPs defined. The default NIC is
x.x.x.10. So when email servers receive email sent by my server it shows
Received: from ([x.x.x.10])However, I want it to
show a different IP defined on that server, like this: Received: from ([x.x.x.25])I have the IP for the virtual smtp service
set to use .25 but it doesn't matter - the headers when seen by incoming
mail servers show x.x.x.10.This creates a problem because of spam checks and
RDNS. For instance x.x.x.10 resolves to So when mail
servers look up RDNS for x.x.x.10 they get insetad of This can cause spam checks to fail.I configured the
SMTP service to use as the outbound mail server name,
which is being transmitted properly. Its just that I want it to use the .25
IP instead of .10.How can this be configured? I've used other 3rd party mail
server software and they provide a setting that can be used to have the mail
server report whatever NIC on the machine you want it to use. Does the MS
SMTP service provide this flexibility? Thanks!Mike

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