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Internet Explorer / IE >> First open IE7 Window placement

When I open an IE7 window, and no others are open, I like it to open at a
specific location on my desktop. In IE6 I could open a single window, click
on page object that ran some javascript to move the window and resize it,
then close the window and the next window would open at that location with
additional windows cascading from it. With IE7, this no longer works and
first IE7 window is constantly moving to decending locations in the windows
cascading progression, which is obviously a bug.

If the size/location of a window is changed with window.moveTo or
window.resizeTo and then the window is closed, the size/location are no
longer being saved (the bug). The only way that I've been able to ge them to
save is via manually moving the window and resizing it. Is there any way to
do this programatically now? If I can't do it with script, is there a way to
do it in C#/C++? I haven't been able to find where this information is store
in the registry either.


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