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I am wanting too write a server application that runs on my server and opens a socket to listen for client connections. Then on each client machine you have an application that opens a socket connection to the server and downloads the latest master list (or just the changes since a certain date). Or i could have the client application connect whenever the machine is booted, or at a certain time each day, or it could maintain a constant connection and receive live updates. That would depend on how big my network is. Can someone help me And the process of which i'm wanting it too do is...

If admin, starts running Johns Mod.
Strings of data are read from a .txt file
this data is read, and is then stored.

If client Joins Game with Admin still running John's mod.
The data which is stored and read is ready for action
John's mod Checks the client's San Andreas folder for the files that match in the notepad data text string
If they match"someones cheating sir")
if they dont match
carry on playing nothing accurs.

Can you help

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