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I have just made my first application with VB 2005 Express Edition. This application uses .NET Windows Form Components from Devexpress (like xtraGrid). The components of Devexpress are localized by putting a NL (for Dutch) directory in the bin/debug directory of my application. This NL directory contains serveral recources.dll files and files (depending on the components you use). These files have been created by Devexpress and can be downloaded from their website.

After publishing my project with the ClickOnce wizard, I installed the application onto another computer. The application works fine except for the localization. I have asked Devexpress for help and they say :

Do you use the ClickOnce technology for publishing your application (answer = Yes). Unfortunately, we have not found a solution on how to deploy satellite assemblies in this scenario. Please ask this question in Microsoft newsgroups. This issue is not directly related to our components and it should be easy to reproduce it in a simple localized application.

If you create a setup program, you can include any necessary files in it and specify the installation directory for them. In your case, satellite assemblies can be installed in the Assembly Cache on the target system or be copied to the application's "nl" subfolder.

The problem is that Visual Basic Express Edition does not have the option to create a setup program.
My question: is there a way to get this working

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There is currently no application block that does localization.

Here is a good example on creating satellite assemblies:



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Thanks for the help