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Hello there,
I'm curently building a solution.
I have added some projects I had already made to the solution (locker, general(used to be prog_1)) and I also made some new ones, and now I am willing to build the solution.
But the problem is: I can't find the folder in wich the solution has been set when build.
Here is a picture of the looking of my project:
and here is a picture of the map:

I hope that anyone of you guys can help me out as this is very frustrating for me because I need to test the solution etc.

Grtz, Tom.

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That is the path to where the solution is being created in.

if you look at the tooltip in your first picture, it shows it being in the prog_1 folder.

the output of any solution/project is always in the project_name\bin folder

If this is not the answer you are looking for, please can you explain a bit clearer as to what it is you are looking for



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You found out where your solution files are stored. Now find out where the project files are stored by selecting a project in the Solution Explorer. The properties window shows you the Project Folder. You'll find the debug build in the bin\debug subdirectory of that folder.


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The problem is that because I have different projects in my solution, every build project is being located in its own bin/debug folder.
Now I was wondering if there isn't a map for the whole solution where I can find all the buils together, as I need to know a couple of things.
For example:
My MediaPlayer application is being called from within my general application by Process.Start(application.startuppath & "\MPlayer\mplayer.exe") as I can't call it directly from within general (, so that is the only option.
Now when I build my solution and I wan't to open my MediaPlayer, it can't find the file because I think it isn't the right map I specified.
I don't want to say Process.Start("C:\Documents and Settings\TomThe1337\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\prog_1\MPlayer\bin\debug\mplayer.exe") because when installed, it wont be in that map.
So in fact I just need to find a way wich will place all my projects in the hiarchie as I can see it in my solution explorer.

Any way to achieve this

Grtz, Tom.

To ahmedilyas: Do you see any bin folder in the pic I posted :)


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The bin folder is located in the project_folder\bin


Well each project has its own output directory


what you can do is a post build event, where you can copy the output files after the solution has been built, into 1 single folder. So for each project there is, create a post build event to copy the output files to a folder.


you'll be doing a copy of the target path to a specified folder of your choice to place the output files

hope this helps!