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We are an in-house IT department with more than 200 projects and are planning to move to Team Foundation. I'm trying to do a proof of concept for the same. These projects are built on a variety of platforms and technologies. I know for sure that all .net 2.0 apps can be stored in TFS and .net1.0 apps using mssscci plug-in; I have read that stored procedures can't be stored in TFS with the present release. I don't have a list of all technologies we are planning to move, but if someone comes to me asks me "I want so and so in TFS", I want to be able to look up at a certain list and tell them "This can\cannot be stored in TFS right now".

Would someone be able to give me a list of all types of popular artifacts that can be stored in TFS, with and without having to use a plug-in

Appreciate your help.

Thank you!

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PostPosted: Team Foundation Server - General, Artifact list Top

If I understand correctly, you're asking about storing data in the Version Control component of Team Foundation.

The Version Control system allows you to store files of any type (.txt, .dll, .cs, .doc, .exe, .xml, .jpg, .html, .sql, etc.). The built-in difference and merge tool only knows how to compare and merge changes in text based files, such as .txt, .cs, .vbs, .xml, .csproj, .sql, etc. You can add your own merge or difference tool by running "tf diff /configure" from a Visual Studio Command Prompt or through "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Source Control" -> "Visual Studio Team Foundation Server" in the Team Explorer (click on "Configure user tools").

Hope this helps, and best of luck with the evaluation!