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Even if MFC are not included in Visual C++ Express Edition can I find them somewhere or I need to purchase the Standard version

For the moment I just would need these header files






Thanks, Luca

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That looks like an old sample. You should get a newer book/tutorial. Most MFC programmers don't write programs from scratch like that and even if someone were to do that, it is not worth learning to do if you are a MFC beginner. Also, if you do use the book/tutorial, then it will tell you how to do more. If you can't use it, then don't use this sample either.

MFC is off-topic for this forum, so even if we were to try to help, we should refer you to another forum or newsgroup instead.

Virtually all MFC programs are began by generating a starter program using the generator provided by the VS IDE. Many experienced MFC programmers are critical of anyone trying to write a MFC program from scratch instead of using the generator. I do sometimes write MFC programs without using the generator, but it requires experience with MFC. My Creating an MFC Application Without the AppWizard describes a couple of possible ways to do that but it is for programmers experienced with MFC.

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If you need to use MFC then I would strongly advise you need to buy the Standard version.