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Seems several others have had the same problem so I'll give you my solution.

As others have, I could not download 'anything' from Microsoft, but anywhere else I was fine. I read that some of these issues were specific to Comcast users. I actually use my local city cable, we can't get comcast as we must use our local cable provider. I tried the download manager first and still no luck so I figured it had to be my provider.

Now, I have 3 computers on my home network, 1 wireless, 2 wired. None would work. My sister's house also uses the same cable network. At her house I could download the files but at home I couldn't. I called my cable provider and suggested that had some issues with their server.

They replied by saying there were no settings that would prevent me from getting these files. They also claimed they could get the files at their office so the server was not the problem. So they sent a guy out and we went through the normal, unplug the router straight line to the computer (I already did this and told them but I guess they didn't believe me) and it didn't work. He used his laptop and it didn't work.

I knew it couldn't be the modem but he said he would come back with a modem. When he did come back he brought two modems with him. Apparently they have 2 systems. An older one and a new one. The two modems were the same model but one modem's mac address was assigned to the older system and the other was tied to the new system.

First we hooked up the 'newer' system modem and same issue, the same server my Mac address was assigned to, next we hooked up the 'older' system modem and viola, it worked. He then confirmed the problem was with their server. He let me keep the modem with the older system's assignment, and I've had no problems for a week.

So, in conclusion, it's most likely your internet provider that is having the issues and not your home network/computers.

Good luck!

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