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i came across another TFS problem today. have a look at this image...

it shows at least two files checked out and not checked out at the same time!

i pressed the refresh button (circled red in the image) numerous
times in each location and i could not get the UI to get in sync.
notice that the files circled in blue appear checked out in the
solution explorer but not checked out according to the pending
changes tab

in the source control explorer pane they both appear checked out
and not checked out! there is no red check mark but there is a
user specified to whom they are checked out to (spelger and
spelger2 are two different workspaces).

in the solution explorer the MethodDocument.cs file appears
checked out by someone else (spelger2) because it has a person
icon. the MethodView.cs file appears checked out by me because
it has a check mark icon. (as an aside, i noticed that if i
check out a file that is checked out by someone else the person
truns into a check mark, telling me only part of the story).

now, this sucks, i only stumbled upon this becasue i was editing
a file and wanted to see the differences but could not find the
file in the pending changes tab below.

how did this happen well, earlier i was checking in files and

the pending changes tab by checking them, added a comment, and
checked in. while they were going in i noticed the progress bar
checkign in files that i did *not* select. i canceled and it
stopped. then i unchecked the files that appeared in the UI
(they wern't there before) and proceeded to check in my files
of choice only to be presented with an error message saying that
i could not becasue there were not checked out anymore. so TFS
did not cancel the checkin and lied to me indicating that it did.

i am not saying that that caused the problem in the image above
but it might have.

ps: i hope i linked the image right!


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The differences you see are caused by the fact you have two workspaces. In SCE, you've selected workspace "spelger", so only pending changes in that workspace will get glyph icons like the red check. We show you other pending changes (spelger2) for convenience, but no glyphs since they are not in your active workspace.

Same thing in Pending Changes. If you switched the dropdown to spelger2 then MethodView.resx would disappear and MethodView.cs & MethodDocument.cs would appear.

Similarly in Solution Explorer. You've opened the Spelger copy of the solution, so it will only show red checkout glyphs for items actually checked out in that workspace. Also, by convention, we show checkout glyphs for "parent" items whose "children" are checked out. That way you would know that a component of MethodView was checked out even if you collapsed the view with the '+' widget. Meanwhile, the glyph that looks like the top half of a person represents something that's checked out elsewhere but not here, as seen on MethodDocument.cs.


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i think i understand what you are saying. because MethodView.resx is checked out the indicator goes to MethodView.cs, even though MethodView.cs is not checked out. if that is right then i have to say that that behavior is retarded (using the true definition of the word). if you TFS wants to give me that kind of indication then it should use a different icon rather than give me a false positive.

i may start learning to use the command line interface as the UI is just not working for me. there are a few issues that bother me, this being one of them.