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Basically I'm a newbie, and I am looking to understand what the express edition can be used for. How is different from vb 6 or the latest version of visual basic Can express be used for applications like word or do I have to download a different product to do that

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VB Express is the latest version of Visual Basic. Its full name should be something like Visual Basic .NET 2005 Express edition.

VB Express can be used for writing windows, console applications and class libraries. Basically a typical windows application. There is some limited IDE support for databases other than SQL Express and Access but you can still code stuff up manually.

VB6 is a product which is 9 years old and is basically 3 versions older than VB Express. Its history and you cant buy VB6 these days, except if you want to search around for old copies on Ebay. Word uses a version of VB, called VBA and its still there inbuilt into the Office products but it is based upon a more limited version of VB6.

So can you write applications in VB.NET to control Office applications. Yes, through Interop you can call the object model exposed by the office applications. Can you write applications which will interop with old VB6 applications. Yes, VB 2005 does provide interop support.

VB Express is free but there are limitations in its functionality - most of these are related to IDE support for some more complex scenarios - mobile device development, advanced compiler options, Web development (the is a Visual Web Developer Express product for that) and the is a limited number of project types you get with it (Windows app/ Console App/Class Library).

But its fully functioning, uses the self same underlying language and compiler as all versions of VB 2005 and is a fully object oriented development environment for windows development. (For Free)

Hope that gives you some general ideas on what VB Express is.


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VBExpress is basically better than VB6. It's newer, faster and the latest. you can do pretty much anything with it. VBExpress is limited really by what the IDE provides but you can still make applications using the VB.NET Compiler in notepad for example to get away from whatever restrictions are in the Express editions.

VB6 is also now unsupported and should be moved onto the latest and greatest thing. It uses .NET Framework which exposes classes to you which you develop with. The destination computers must have .NET Framework (correct version) installed in order to run your .NET developed application.

you can pretty much do anything you like. With the help here, huge online resources and at MSDN as well as registering for your benefits on the express editions, you should be good to go.

Again, depends what you want to do.