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Julian Ladbury

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Apologies in advance for cross-posting, but I only just found this forum. I recently posted the following to microsoft.public.outlook.general:

In the last week I have installed and reinstalled WDS 2.6.5 many times
in an attempt to get it to index Outlook (hard drive indexing worked
fine on all occasions). These attempts have included 1) installing it
alone 2) installing MSN Toolbar alongside it and finally 3) installing
it as part of the Windows Live Toolbar package.

I have followed the instructions and suggestions in every discussion /
site I can find about getting it to index Outlook items, but to no
avail. To avoid doubt, let me confirm that Outlook is set as my default
mail program; that I only have one Outlook profile which is also marked
as the Default profile: and that the Outlook folders all appear when I
set WDS indexing options, and that I have ticked them all. I have left
WDS indexing overnight, with Outlook running, and not a single email,
contact or other Outlook item gets indexed.

Now, having said that, let me say that all this occurs in at least two
of the Limited User accounts on this machine (XP Pro SP2 and Outlook
2003 SP2, both with all current Microsoft Update maintenance applied).
The small test Outlook setup I have on the Administrator account used
for the installations works OK - seeing it in action is what has made
me persevere this far!

So, naturally enough, one of my reinstallation attempts included making
one of the Limited User accounts an Admin and doing the uninstall /
reinstall from that account. Still Outlook failed to be indexed.

Is set the registry option for MAPI logging. This logged many events,
in which I could see that the indexer was asking Outlook for info about
all the relevant folders. There was no sign of any error messages in
the log.

Lack of a toolbar (MSN or Windows Live) in my limited user accounts'
Outlook is another symptom. It appears fine in the Administrator's
account. . .

Help please! It really does look like a useful tool, if only it would

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