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I have extensively searched for this problem but can't find any real solution to it.

We recently upgraded to XP.  When users are printing out forms the radio buttons are not showing, consequently users can not see what selection they chose.  Radio buttons are just normal basic standard HTML and printed fine before the upgrade.  We have noticed that there is a new feature in the XP IE version (V6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr) "Enable visual styles on buttons and controls in web pages".  When we uncheck this the radio buttons print.  Turning it off is really not an option in our Standard Operating environment given it is a default setting.  Also our newer printers print this out fine, but most of our other printers just don't seem to recognise this new 'feature' when it is switched on even when the printer drivers are upgraded.

Does anyone have any information on this....I can't believe that I am the only one experiencing this issue


Any light shed would be greatly appreciated.




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PostPosted: Internet Explorer Web Development, Radio Buttons Not Printing with XP Top

I recognize that this is quite an old entry that I'm responding to, but I'd like to thank SDev001 for the insight on the problem I have just come to experience. I am creating a form on a web page to be printed out by various users and it has several radio-button options that were not printing. After unchecking the "... visual web pages" that was mentioned, I have successfully printed the radio-button selections. I will now add a disclaimer on the web page that prior to printing, the user will have to go through the same process to make sure his selection will print. I really appreciate it!