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Hello i was just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem as me. Please Read all of it. i didnt see anything in the FAQ page.

first here is what i am using:

Labtop, Windows xp Home With: service Pack 2


After installing IE7 i had to restart the labtop to finish the set-up(asked me to). Ok now here is the 2 Problems i have after installing IE7:

1. Disk Consistancy(sp ) error

-My computer scans the disks and restarts(starts up fine)

2. After i login to my account it says Virtiral Memory is to small.

- Went to change the size of virtural memory, and had to restart.


Once i restart it goes right back to the Disk Consistancy Error and the V.M. does not get saved and gets the memory error again. So i uninstalled the "IE7 RC1" and now my computer works just fine.(no disk consistancy error, or Virtural Memory Error)

Thank you for your time.

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