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Grayson Peddie

PostPosted: Show and Tell, Grayson's Live Space Top

Check out my live spaces at ! My favorite theme is the circuit board and I made my space to be black with green titlebar like Blog, Photo, etc. There's my blog that you can read, but it's kinda narrow and very long and its options and UI customizations, like providing a short version of my article in my spaces and providing a full version of my article in a different page (passing an article number via URL to a webpage to get the full article from a selected article), etc. It could also help if Windows Live Spaces Team could allow me to add tabs and manage sections of the blogs like one tab for homepage, one for XNA/Game Developers, one for tech-savvy users, etc.

I hope you'll like it and that you will browse around my space. Enjoy! :)

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