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Well this is throwing me off guys.
We are planning a CCR environment. We have an EMC scan at our HQ that we
plan to connect our primary mailbox server to.

Our DR mailbox server is our concern. I was under the impression that the
hardware didnt need to be "the same", but beyond that I was under the
impression that they didnt even need to be "all that close" on performance.

However, reading this doc

makes it seem like not only does the "passive node" (the server in the DR)
need to have hardware as good as the "primary node", but even better!?!?!?
Here is the qoute I saw
"The passive LUNs in a continuous replication environment require two to
three times the disk I/O as the active LUNs because the log replay is a
significant generator of both read and write disk I/O"

Thats a HUGE concern for us being as our "high end equipment" (aka, EMC SAN)
is located in our HQ site, and our DR site isnt going to have a SAN (which
will prob be our HQ hand me down when that time comes) for at least a year or

We had planned to just send our "passive node" out to our DR with an
external attached scsi storage unit to hold the "backup copy".
But compared to our san, the IO on taht DR solution is LESS then the HQ
solution, and now im starting to get concerned that it actually needs to be

Anyone have any real world experience with this, or any info that could be

Id hate to spend the cash necessary to make this happen only to realize that
we dont have the IO needed at the DR to handle the CCR cluster in the first


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