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Does anyone know the process from start to finish for a user logging into an
exchange server with outlook? Our setup is as follows:

--Exchange 5.5 server with sp4 on a Windows 2000 server with sp4

--Windows 2000 pro client with sp4, Outlook 2000 sp3

--Connecting via VPN on a Watchguard Firebox using RADIUS (win2k)

I have read on another group that when a user connects to Exchange via
Outlook they are using "cached credentials" (their computers local
credentials instead of their domain credentials) how does this work exactly
and is there a way to prevent this from happening so that VPN users don't
get prompted for their username/password/domain when they connect via VPN
and Outlook to the Exchange server? I have a user who is complaining that
even though they are connected to the VPN they still have to enter this
information again, sometimes repeatedly. I don't have this problem and
neither do most users.

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