Registration of a Mixed code DLL  
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This is my first attempt to get answers like this on a forum, so if I leave out information needed, please let me know and I will try to furnish it.

I have a project that has 3 .dll's, 2 are written in C++ (mostly native code), one in C#... One of the C++ .dll's uses the C# (via a reference). The project was completed about a year ago and works when compiled with the C++ .Net (2003 version of the IDE).

My company moved to the 2005 version (Team server and all that) and now, while the 3 .dll files will still compile without errors, the mixed .dll will not register... the error code returned with the regsvr32 is 0xe0434f4d.

As best I can tell, the problem comes from the /clr requirement of the mixed code, using the /clr:oldSyntax, that seems to need "#using <mscorlib.dll>" and that is what throws the error.

In another project, when I just included the #using <mscorlib.dll> it threw a C Run Time Error - R6033, this one does not (perhaps it should be) and I assume they are connected.

Any ideas on what I need to look into or change to get the mixed .dll to register would be great.

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