Problem starting a executable linked with a .net library  
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I am using in a C++ dll (let's call the dll MyDll) a class written in C#. For using this class, I made a VS2003 project in C++ to interface with my C# library and my C++ DLL. MyDll is loaded at the start of an executable (also written in C++) and everything works fine.

The problem is that some others executables (written in C++) are also linked with MyDll (using the lib file), and these executables are crashing when starting! (a crash in nt.dll). Doing some tests, I realize that theses executables are only crashing when MyDll is linked to the C# library! When not, everything works fine!

The only difference between the first executable which is working fine with MyDll and the others executables which are crashing is that the first executable uses a loadlibrary and the others are linked by the lib file to MyDll...

I hope that my description of the problem is clear ^^

Can anyone help me plz

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