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Sumit Bhatnagar

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Hello! I am developing an SNMP application using the WinSNMP APIs. I have been able to query the resource using the SnmpSendMsg(). The Pdu_type was set to SNMP_GET_PDU.

Now that i have to "Set" the value for the object, i have used SNMP_SET_PDU flag. But the confusing part is that i am not sure where and how to put in a new value that needs to be set.

Does the new value need to be put in the 'varbindlist', at the index following the OID

Please suggest the right approach.

Also, could anyone please elaborate on the VarBindList in brief. As, till now i only know that it is used to send the OID.

Waiting for reply.

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Bite Qiu - MSFT

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Re: SNMP Set issue.

Such questions are outside the scope of this forum - for the scope of the Visual C++ General forum please look at: PostID=19445&SiteID=1

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