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Hi all. I was trying to get a better understanding of the winAPI function WaitForMultipleObjects() - I searched msdn for a answer to what it is/does etc. But i didnt fully understand what it was trying to tell.

---------- MSDNs definition ----------------
This function returns a value when either any one of the specified objects is in the signaled state, or the time-out interval elapses.

That was the definition for it http://www.hide-link.com/

If anyone could give me a address to where i can find a fully detailed description of the function i'd be very greatful. Or if they could take the time to exaplain. Thanx in advance!

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PostPosted: Visual C++ General, WaitForMultipleObjects() Top

The function simply waits for an object to change state to being "signaled". This state can occur for e.g. events (see CreateEvent) and thread handles. Unlike WaitForSingleObjectEx, WaitForMultipleObjects (as its name implies) can wait for such a signal to occur on one of a multitude of different handles, which are passed to it in an array.

The article found at http://www.codeproject.com/threads/WaitFunctions.asp df=100&forumid=23240&exp=0&select=1661357 gives a lengty description of the wait functions.