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Hi All,

I am working on a project migrating from VC6 to VisualStudio 2005 and also converting into Unicode. One of the task/program ( ConvertRC2DB) is to read the .rc file and store in database and vice versa. This program is runing great in VC6 and I am able to manage to compile the same in VC6/VS2005. It is working fine for the non-unicode .rc files. Whe you insert any chinese/japaneese char (unicode chars) and store the same .rc file then try to run against this program it is failing. ConvertRC2DB never handled the unicode.

I want to know is there any API where we can query STRINGTABLE, MENU, DIALOG, DIALOGEX

if not what is the best way to start coding to get this information. Thanks in adavance.

I am able to figure out which one is a unicode vs non-unicode files.


fgets( szBuffer, sizeof( szBuffer ), pInFile)

if (IsTextUnicode(szBuffer, 1024, lpint))
AfxMessageBox("Unicode file.....");


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PostPosted: Visual C++ General, Reading the .rc files.... Top

See The scope of this forum. You will likely get more help in a Platform SDK newsgroup.

I think however that instead of reading the RC file, it would be easier to read the resources in the exe files. There are articles and samples of doing that. So you can look for those and/or ask about them.