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I'm a newbie in vc++. I'm doing a project that connects my PC and mobilephone via bluetooth. I have already connected my PC to my phone and have sent AT commands using serialport1->writeline("AT") but i cannot get the response.

Any idea how sample codes or websites that can answer my problem will be of great help.


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This forum is meant for general IDE usage issues, not specific programming questions. For your issue I would go to the MSDN discussion groups. The people in the networking group may have more familiarity with your issue: dg=microsoft.public.win32.programmer.networks&lang=en&cr=US

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There are a couple of sample programs provided with VC that could help. The Platform SDK sample uses the Platform SDK functions and such. There is another sample, I think it uses MFC, that uses a VB control to do serial IO. There is also a Technical Article in the MSDN about serial IO.

There are many samples in other web sites of doing serial IO.

Serial IO requires much more advanced programming than writeline("AT"). You must use multithreading. You cannot use just the C++ language, such as writeline, and it will require a lot of time, such as months, for you to develop everything yourself using the Platform SDK. Look for existing code to use; either a library, or a VB/COM/ActiveX control or something like that, or at least sample code that someone else has developed that you can use.