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Hi, I'm creating a keylogger to test an antivirus program I am making, and from what I've heard, the best way to do this is with a Keyboard Hook. If somebody could not only post the code involved in creating a Keyboard Hook but possibly give some basic explanation of it. If anyone could do this for me I would greatly appreciate it because I've looked around this forum and the internet to figure out how to do this hook but I havent had any luck yet.

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Note that this forum is meant for C++ language related issues only. Specific solutions and implementatoins (and especially potentially shady ones such as this), is better aimed for general discussion board such as the newsgroups at, the codeguru forums or any number of other sites. As for the shady part, don't expect anyone to do the dirty work for you -- even though you say it's for testing purposes only.

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Most people familiar with system-wide hooks will be skeptical of your motivation. My guess is that in this case, there is ample justification for being suspicious.

It took me a couple of months to get a system-wide hook to work. I studied everything I could find, and I did spend time searching. There are more resources available now compared to when I was looking. There are now a couple or more samples that did not exist then.

I could post a sample myself, but I won't because the code is simple if the knowledge required for the sample exists. A system-wide hook is something that can cause problems, and anyone using sample code that does not adequately understand Windows can easily cause problems.

If you are developing a system-wide hook, then you need to understand DLLs. If you don't, then learn about them. Another critical concept to understand is Address Spaces; see my Processes and Address Spaces.

Actually, for a keyboard system-wide hook, it might not be necessary to create a DLL. You can look at documentation and such; I forget where I read it, but a keyboard system-wide hook might be different from other system-wide hooks in that it might not be necessary to have them in a DLL and if so then the concept of address spaces might not be relevant.

Additional questions, though, should be asked in an appropriate newsgroup or forum.