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Scott C.

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In Visual C++ 2005 MFC I need to be able to map specific dialog control resource IDs to specific bookmarks (or otherwise keyed locations) in an HTML Help Workshop-generated .chm file. I find that I am able to:

1) map the control to a text popup. This is not really practical because I need to write new text for each control to be mapped.

2) open a specific page in the .chm file for any given dialog class by trapping the WM_HELPINFO message and calling HtmlHelp(). This is not really sufficient, though, because it does not take me to the specific location on the page and it is possible that different controls, on the same dialog, will need to access different pages in the .chm file.

Reviewing the context-sensitive help information in VS2005 and HTML Help Workshop has gotten me close to an answer. I think I'm just missing one or two key pieces of information.

Any ideas

Thanks in advance...


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