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Heyyy everyone,

I'm new in C++ and so I rented a book, it's actually a book from 2002 (Microsoft Visual C++.NET step by step, a Dutch version). In the begin there where no problems, but later they asked for a Managed C++ Web Service. I couldn't find it at allSad. I heard that there where made certain changes in Visual C++ 2005, well I've no problem with that, but I don't know how I have to continue. Is the book that I have useless Is there maby an other way to do exectly the same


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We have made considerable changes to the way we implement Managed code in Visual C++ 2005. We went so far as to change the language to support .Net as a first-class way of writing code in C++. The net effect of this is that your book will likely be out of date with regards to examples with managed code. However, the good news is that all those scenarios are now far easier to accomplish, both with the language changes and the vast improvements to the IDE since 2002. For example, working with web services is quite easy, simply right-click on a project, select "Add Web Reference..." and put in the URL for a web service. We will then generate a header file based on that wsdl file and you're good to go!

Hopefully, there will soon be a bunch of new books for you to pick from when we release VS 2005 in November.



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I've also noticed that the stub code created when a C++ web service is created is different. In addition, I've noted there is a warning about the consequences of changing the default class name of the Web service on the ccp file that explains how these consequences may be prevented with out explanation on how to carry out the action that needs to be done. Something about Managed resource property. I found no explanation for this in the help. A google search returns a number of instances of people asking for help to carry out this action but no coherent replies to these requests. A year after this thread was initiated there are still insufficient quanities of books on using Managed C++ in VS 2005. (Borders in Waldorf, MD had none. And it is the only bookstore in the entire county.) Therefor anything thing you have to say in this area would be eagarly received by both me and the US Air Force.