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I've got the VSS WebService working for some users but not for others. This is what we see when he tries to connect:

1) The database is successfully access from within VSS and appears in the VisualStudio Open Project correctly. In other words, he appears to be able to connect to the VSS database using his VSS & Windows account credentials.

2) When selecting by double clicking the database name in the list we see the following dialog:

"Cannot contact the Visual SourceSafe Internet Web Service or cannot access the specified database.
The Visual SourceSafe Web Service returned the following error:
VSS Web Service could not open the database."

This is what we've done to try and understand the problem:

1) A user (non-admin user) was unable to connect to VSS database remotely using his VSS user ID & Windows account credentials.

2) On the same machine using a different user's details (non-admin user) that were known to connect to VSS remotely he connected successfully.

3) Checked the database folder share permissions, creating a new Windows & VSS user accounts and ensuring they were correct had no effect.

4 On my machine connected to the LAN I can not connect using his Windows & VSS account details (I can connect using my Windows & VSS account details).

Does anyone have any ideas what might be going on


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After a lot of work on this I found the resolution to the problem.

It seems that remote users that are non-admin users on the VSS server are denied access to a number of files under the VSS database folder. These files have modify/write security permissions set for members of the VSS server local Administrator group and not for other VSS users. In order to resolve the problem, set modify/write security permissions for the files below on the VSS share folder for the VSS database non-admin user group (assuming you created user groups for VSS database folder share permissions):

users\<user name>\ss.ini

Hope that this helps.