CHeaderCtrl 16-bit bug/limitation  
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Using latest Windows XP and comctrl32.dll 6.0 I run across CHeaderCtrl bug where the control does not display any columns whose rectangle left coordinate are past 32768.

I have an owner-draw CHeaderCtrl with over 800 columns ( col_1, col_2, etc. will do )

Looking in the de**** I found out that CHeaderCtrl::DrawItem is not getting called for items at the end of the list. For the last item that is displayed correctly LPDRAWITEMSTRUCT rcItem is
rcItem {top=0 bottom=36 left=32744 right=32787}

You run across the same limitation if you don't use owner-draw style. Control does not display any of the columns at the end of the list whose rectangle are beyond 32768 boundry.

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