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Is WF the new kid on the block when it comes to designing data-driven n-tiered application

I'm not sure but I'm testing the water a bit this week and besides a few teething problems this looks a great foundation to address one of that last bastions of application development - creating re-usable "business processes".

However, I'm still a little foggy as to how I should actually go about designing when it comes to which layer should do what.

I have a UI, Business, DAL and Server structure - very typical

For example the UI populates business entities and the business entities do the Save() and so on ...

Now how does WF fit in here Should WF become involved in persistence or should it just take care of Activities that linger on the peripherals of the CRUD work

If I'm updating objects that have various states, and depending on the state it has, cetain activities happen - it's pretty nice to have statemachine doing some of the desicsions for you...should it do more that just the activites - should it do the crud as well - I'm not sure.

Nothing is really as straight forward as Sample apps, and I never expect it to be, but still I'd be very interested in anyone else's thoughts on how they'd go about fitting the 'new kid in the block' in.

Thanks for reading this far!..

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PostPosted: Windows Workflow Foundation, The new kid on the n-tier layer block? Top

A lot has happened/changed since this post. : ) Luckily, there are also many more samples, resources, and blogs out there to learn from.

Please open a new post if you still have specific questions.