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Jon Langdon - MSFT

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The CLR debugging services team has released an updated mdbg sample. You can find it here: ;DisplayLang=en. A big thanks to the folks on the team who helped get this release together.

Updates in this release include:
  • Mdbg + IronPython integration. (You need to download IronPython separately)
  • Managed wrappers for native debugging APIs like WaitForDebugEvent
  • Improved event logging infrastructure
  • Pdb2Xml conversion tool, which now includes round-tripping the pdbs
  • Updated EULA
  • All IL files have been converted into C#, so it's now a pure C# solution
  • Bug fixes
  • As always, we're very interested in your feedback and any questions you might have. Please check it out and let us know what you think.

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    Jon Langdon

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