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Sunny Jung

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We are looking to implement .net Framework Security on Windows 2003 servers and I would like to get some advices from experienced folks.

My environments,

We have a terminal application that access to file servers to read/write files. All domain users are using the termial app to do their job. Currently the shared folder is opened on file server (modify right – NTFS permission) to domain users. We would like to lock down the NTFS permission but still the application can allow users to do what they need to do (read or delete).


1. Do I need to install Framework 2.0 SDK on both Terminal Server and file server I look at the enterprise level of Runtime security policy but not too much details on communicate to other servers. The enterprise level is the one we would like to go with.

2. As far as application source code, our developers need to modify their code in order to utilize enterprise level policy

Any advices / resources would be welcome. Thanks in advance.


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Aaron Stebner

PostPosted: .NET Framework Setup, Framework 2.0 Security implementation on Win2k3. Top

For your 1st question - you should not need to install the .NET Framework SDK in order for enterprise security policies to take effect for your .NET Framework applications, but you may want to install the SDK in order to have access to graphical tools to create and manage security policy on your systems. The administrative tools for security policy were moved from the .NET Framework redistributable package to the SDK in v2.0.

For your 2nd question - I think the .NET Framework will automatically handle enteprise level security policy for you, but I am not sure about that.