Typed DataSet in Java clients  
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I have a webmethod returning a type - "TypeA" containing typed DataSet - "TypedDataSet" . And I want to be able to consume it form a Java client. The problem comes from the generated wsdl becouse it contains the <any > wildcard.

<s:complexType name=TypeA>


<s:any namespace=" http://www.hide-link.com/ ; />



The Java client generates appropriate class for the TypedDataSet, but it is not used in the generated class for TypeA. instead it uses MessageElemnt class there.The problem comes from the <any > wildcard in the wsdl. If I change it manually to reference the type in the xsd schema provided for the TypedDataSet the Java client works fine.

Is there any way to deal with that problem without loosing the capability of automatic generation of the wsdl.



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