decrypting a .NET v2.0 authentication cookie in .NET v1.1  
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I have two web apps: App A is .NET v1.1 and App B is .NET v2.0 and is running in a virtual directory subfolder of App A.

App B is being used to authenticate users. The plan is to share authentication across web apps accoridng to this article:


In App A i have put some code to decrypt the cookie set by App B in the Application_AuthenticateRequest Method. When I go to decrypt the authentication ticket in App A, I get an error on decrypting the cookie -- the exception message is "Bad Data."

Is it possible that .NET v1.1 cannot decrypt a cookie which has been encrypted by .NET 2.0

This is virtually the same probelm documented here:

My question is WHY can't .NET v1.1 decypt the cookie encrytped by .NET v2.0 Is there an alternate method

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