WSE 2.0 SecureConversation and Routing  
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I have been experimenting with WSE 2.0 for a couple of weeks now. While trying out the Secure Conversation I became faced with a problem. I would like to use secure conversation for its performance but mix it up with some routing for firewall rules. I would like to have a perimeter service available to the public from which the request would be re-routed to an internal web service. This means the perimeter service would sit in the DMZ and the other end point web service would be completely inside the private zone. My problem is that I either get an error that basically says my TO address does not match the destination. I have corrected this by adding a soap actor. Now, I get the error that the policy file does not match the message. Is it possible to use SCT and routing at the same time, if so how and is there examples for SOAPHTTP If I use one at a time I get positive results, but using both options I run into errors. Thank you

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