Why custom IClientChannelSinkProvider not called?  
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Pranav joshi

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Hi Everybody,
Why Custom IClientChannelSinkProvider not being called, The client side code is like this.
The class ClientChnSinkProvider implements IClientChannelSinkProvider but it is not being called, On debugging the constructor of ClientChnSinkProvider is not called. But if I use
Configuration file then it is called.
The code is in Delphi but it is easily understandable.

Props := HashTable.Create;
Props['port'] := 6000;

bChannel := HttpClientChannel.create(Props, ClientChnSinkProvider);
// RemotingConfiguration.Configure( 'PrjServer.exe.config');
TestInt := ITest(Activator.GetObject(TypeOf(ITest),ServerPath + ServerResource));

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