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Hi all,

My Visual Studio 2005 Windows Forms Designer crashes when i opens specific form in Designer mode. "The exception unknown software exception (0x40000015) occured in the application at location 0x7813461a."

The project was formerly a 2003 project and has been successfully converted into 2005 format. the project is bound via VSS to our source safe database.

I had this in the past, which was solved by deleting bin and obj folders and doing a rebuild.
But still two forms stay quite hard in this vs crashing mode. I tried to disable and even uninstall the only add-in i had. I tried removing source-safe binding fully.

This issue shows up on more than one computers (including a fresh installed xp sp2 and vs2005 pro), so it must be linked to the project respective the form itself.

By the way, the forms compile and run perfectly.

Can somebody help me out of this

(as a google search did show up a similar problem with an app, i decided to post it in ... General and not in specific IDE, if i’m very wrong with this, please apologize!)

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Some times this problem may happen due to the using some third party control in our project. The custom user control does not creates properly in design time [ especially in VS 2005 ]. So we need to build the project and then try to open the designer view. It may open successfully.

Hope this will help you.