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I previously developed server/gui applications in MFC/ C++.

I now need to develop under .NET/ C#.

Previous management programs were created with SDI/Formviews... each management view required loading data from a remote database. This was performed by serialising the data that is needed to be displayed on the formview and sending a request across a network to a server application which then loaded the data from an SQL server and serialised it back.

The network could then be encrypted without need for a vpn etc. Login was performed by accessing a table in the SQL server.

The current idea I have for the above design in .NET/C# is to let the application talk directly to the database.. however that is not always possible as some functionality requires it to talk to a server. What support is there for remoting objects in .NET Since we already have a C++ winsock library for remoting objects. Any suggestions

I see that tying database access to a control, works for many applications but how can that work when the data needs to travel through a server application. Seems we will still need to serialise all the data.

Is .NET/C# capable of performing server functions, ie handling lots of TCP/UDP connections



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