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I am trying to research CD and DVD authoring methods, but it seems that there is a cloud of secrecy hiding such information, either that or no one knows!

All examples I can find use IMAPI, but IMAPI 1 (ie XP not IMAPI 2 Vista) cannot author DVD's, only CD's.

So on a higher level, IMAPI or a custom component seem like the only way to go, and with regards to the custom components I have sampled some awful examples.

Does anyone have any experience of working with DVD/CD authoring software Can anyone reccomend a solid component

I would be very interested in links/books to information detailing accessing a DVD\CD ROM drive directly, even any information that can point me in that direction would be greatly appreciated, as I am turning up blanks, so perhaps I dont really know what to look for

How does an application such a Nero burn a DVD and how does it access the burner, can anyone break down the process.

Thanks in advance for any information.

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PostPosted: Visual C# General, CD and DVD Authoring Information Top

If you are really motivated, check out the guys at the Open Source CDRecord project. They have a *nix terminal based cd recording tool that accesses any cd/dvd writer on the system... I am sure they have information on low level access to drives that you will be interested in.