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I am developing a C# application and I have developed ASP.NET apps and C# thick client .exe type applications. I had planned on using a standard C# Windows application for this project but the UIs have been developed in HTML by an outside graphic design company. Because the application (at this time) will only run on the users PC and does not need network access or to run on a server I don't really want to make it an ASP.NET application.

Should I develop a Windows app and use a WebBrowser form Or just go ahead and make a full blown ASP.NET application and just have them setup IIS and run it using the local host

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its really up to you - its more of a business decision. you could do either, fortunately. If you are going to have multiple people use the application, create it as an ASP.NET application and easily updatable since its in one central web server. If its just a few clients, create a WinForms App. It really depends who you are targetting