Serial Com port Modem Detection  
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hello Everybody,

I am stuck in one problem, Previously I was doing RAS (Remote Access Service) for dailing purpose through internal modem.

And I made my application fully working, i.e. if how many modems are there in the pc it was working fine.

But now the hardware changed and we have a serial com ports how my program was using RAS API for finding out the modems in the computer through RasEnumDevices() function, but now as everything has shifted to com port i m not get list of modem

One more thing i m using VS 2003 so can anybody tell me how can i over come this problem.

is there any api through which i can get the list of com ports and
Can I use the RAS protocols i.e. RasDial as i was using previously.

Thank you in advance.

Visual C#10