A report bug before VFP9  
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Anybody found this bug for VFP versions before 9. It's a page numbering bug.

I have a situation. User wants to print out lot of work orders each month. Each work order contains work instruction that comes from a memo field. Sometimes, one work order contains multiple instructions. So we have to use grouping. If the memo field is too long, one work order will extend to the 2nd or even 3rd page.

Requirement, each work order should begin with a new page number.

Let's do a little test.

First: prepare data

Create table test (Order_ID c(10), descr m)

Add 5 records for testing purpose.

Insert more than 100 lines each into the Descr field for each record, make sure it will spill to a new page.

Second: create report file

Modify report Work_Order

Add a data grouping and use Order_ID as the grouping order.

Select Restart page number to 1 for each group if you are using VFP8 or earlier

Put Order_ID field inside the Group Header

Put Descr field in the Detail and check the "Stretch with overflow"

Click the Save and Preview button now.


Now you should see the 2nd page is also displayed as Page 1

But the page number becomes normal in the following records.

To resolve this,

I insert a dummy empty record at the beginning and let the report print a blank sheet.

You may also upgrade to VFP 9 to avoid the confusion.

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