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Lazaro Del RIo

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Hello all

how i can use my existing data on Visual Foxpro into my Microsoft SQL 2000 Server, i already created the needed tables on SQL.

Although some tables in VFP and SQL has the same name, and some fields also have same name, the structure differs on field names, fields amount an field size ad type

My question is can i fill the Field "X" on SQL with a field "Y" on VFP

If "Yes", how i can do it

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Alex Feldstein

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Is your question how to upload the data from DBF to SQL Server

Or how to use SQL Server data in a FoxPro app

If the former, you can use:

  • Batch update.
  • Upsize Wizard


If the latter, you would have to design your app as a 2 -Tier or 3-Tier application getting your data to/from SQL Server through one of these technologies:

  • SQLPassThrough (ODBC)
  • Remote Views (ODBC)
  • CursorAdapter (OleDB+ADO or ODBC or XML)
  • Convertion to/from XML

It all depends on your needs, data volume, type of data and architectrure. You would have to give more info to be more specific in our answers.