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M. Nicholas

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I need help with VB in a MS Word 2000 macro/form, hope I’m in the right place.

We have created templates (with help from a VB 6 programmer) that have a form to fill in information on the word doc. I need to make a major upgrade (the original programmer is not available).

I need to be able to fill a variable with a chosen file (or files) path. I created a txtBox on the form (for the template), and after some searching on the Internet, found some code to make a button launch a windows explorer window to a specific directory.

What I would like to do now is be able to highlight one or more files in windows explorer and somehow have their paths fill a variable. I found some code that will fill a listbox with a file path if you drag it and drop it. The instructions said to “Set the Form OLEDropMode Property to 1 - manual”. I can’t find such a creature on this template’s VB form. So for now, I’m still looking around.

Any ideas on creating a variable from the path of a highlighted file in Windows Explorer on my VB form built into my word 2000 template



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