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I'm having difficulties exporting text to a webserver through Excel 2003. The method I'm using now opens up a URL which contains variables. The variables are then unloaded off URL and displayed on the web page.
For example:


When this URL is opened, the text: "hello" will be unloaded off the URL and displayed on the page.
However, this leaves one problem - the website is still open. I want the website to close.

So, I tried modifying the page so it'll closes upon opening. It works perfectly except:
Windows Internet Explorer will prompt the user that the website is trying to close. Continue Yes/No.

The whole idea is to send text to the webserver, have the webserver display text, but all this has to occur without the website opening up.

I tried using .bat files to close the specific window but turns out it's not succesful. I read some where XMLHTTP files can export text to webservers - but I need further guidance.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please reply.

Thanks alot!

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