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I want to name a worksheet in excel using a macro. I want the name to be the current date. If there already exists a worksheet with that name I want to add time to the name. The problem is that I do not know how to add time to the name of the worksheet. pls help me! any help appreciated!

i = Worksheets.Count
Worksheets.Add Count:=1, After:=Sheets(i)

For j = 1 To i
If Sheets(j).Name = Date Then
blnTodaySheet = True
End If

If blnTodaySheet = True Then
Sheets(i + 1).Name = Date + Time
Sheets(i + 1).Name = Date & ":" & Time
End If

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Jon Peltier

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Use Date & " " & Time. Ampersands are for concatenation in VBA. You can sometimes get away with "+", but it's better to do it correctly all the time, rather than get used to a way that sometimes works and somwtimes gives unexpected results.

Also, sheet names are limited to 31 characters, and some characters are disallowed in worksheet names, including: \ / * [ ]

It's also a good idea to avoid allowed characters that will cause confusion, such as ' " ! + - &

I stick with letters, numbers, spaces, and the underscore character.

- Jon
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