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I use Windows 2000 Pro and Office XP

When I open Excel, all the elements of the application appear above the Windows task bar. (I see the sheet tabs, status bar and task bar)

When I select fullscreen (with Application.DisplayFullScreen = True), the status bar and sheet tabs are hidden behind the task bar.

Hint: I've found that, when I put the task bar on the left side of the screen and after put it on the bottom, the status bar and sheet tabs reappear above the task bar. But this is not an option for my users, nor is hidding the task bar.

First question: Is it possible to keep the status bar and sheet tabs automatically above the task bar, when I select fullscreen option. (with a setup or a macro)

When Excel is in fullscreen mode, and I minimise it (with Application.WindowState = xlMinimized), and then restore it, Excel restore in normal mode, instead of fullscreen.

Second question: Is it possible to restore Excel in fullscreen mode or write a macro that will execute automatically to select fullscreen when Excel is restored.

Note: Any solution that doesn't use fullscreen option will not fit.


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