Trying to create Data Acess Pages to manipulate recordsets.  
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Aplogies in advance I have posted this in Acess DAP forum too, but I am clutching at straws now. Can anyone help. Iam trying to use DAPS to acees and edit Access record Data via record sets. Can send a copy of the DB to anyyone that has the time to look at it.

Hello all/Ken,

Thanks for your help so far, but now for what might be a really silly
I created a DAP from scratch. Two text boxes and a command button.
When I go into the VBScript Editor I can see the area where I should place
code for the command button "on click". If I enter some simple code like
msgbox("Hello"), this is fine and works when I press the command button.
If I try to enter more of a routine such as

Sub test
Dim ....
Dim ....
lblOne.text="Hello" (text may not be the correct property!)
end Sub

This will generate an error.
So question is, can I write procedures in VBScript (The tutorial I have had a look at show that I can). Can I call other procedures, and lastly can I reference recordsets as that is my final aim.

From what I can see from various sources is that it is only possible to
"view" table data, some say it may be possible to edit records.

is it possible to do what I am trying to achieve or will I have to
look at a completely approach.


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