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I have a report that I'm trying to automate - it's one of those number
crunching sort of things. Initially I had no access to the data. Now I
have a ".cvs" file that gets dumped to me.

I have put the workbook together - but want to clean it up and
automate a few tasks.

tab 1 - I have a cover page (which I wanted to add a Userform that
allows the user to select what they wanted to do - either view the
data in charts/graphs or numbered totals) - you know sort of like a
directory - jump form - to jump to the item of interest.

tab 2 - Is the page that I have crunched the numbers and put the in-
cell 'graph' using the 'rept' function
on this page I have Totals for the group and then I've broken down the
totals for each category in the group


Group Totals

Telephone/Hardware Repair

and things like that...

tab 3 is the raw data - where I've used the Autofilter to provide a
total using the SUBTOTAL function.

Here's the dilemma -
I would like a Userform that allows the user to select:

1. Group Totals - or
2. Totals for Telephone/Hardware totals - or...

See where I'm going? And then have it displayed in tab 2 with the in-
cell graph.

Is this possible? I'm sure it is - but could someone help me with
I would like to do it myself - but I need some serious guidance and an outline of order of operations, I suppose, and some
help with basic commands...

I'm familiar with Case Statements - IF statements and the like - but
some times I get turned around as to what is the best way to start and
what is most efficient.

Most Sincerely,