Bug in Installer for W2K3 SP2  
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WindowsServer >> Bug in Installer for W2K3 SP2

The installer for W2K3 SP2 apparently resets the configured values for the
File & Printer Sharing exception for Windows Firewall.

We had firewall configured on a file server to allow incoming port 445 TCP
and deselected checkboxes for 137, 138, and 139. We additionally
configured a custom scope for the incoming connections.

After installing SP2, the file server broke, denying connections on port 445
incoming. I inspected the Windows firewall and:

1) Ports 137, 138, and 139 were reselected.

2) The custom scope had been erased and the current subnet was reselected (I
guess that is a default).

Changing the already configured values seems to me to be a bug in the


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