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I am a SQL Server DBA. I meet a problem when trying to register a
server in Enterprise Manager. I have two windows account A and B in
different domains. Both are a member in domain admins.
I login Windows XP with account A and register a server D in EM. Then
I log off Windows and re-login by account B. At this time I can't
register the server D in EM with the account B. It always tried to
register the server D by account A. I searched the register on my
computer and didn't find the Default Windows Account used by EM. Right
now my account A is disabled but I can't use my account B to access
server D.
When trying to connect to server D by account A in windows
Authentication in EM or SQL Query Analyzer the error message is:
Login Failed for user '(null)', Reason: Not associated with a trusted
SQL Server connection.

The account B still can connect to other servers.
Thanks for any help!


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