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Hi there,

I have a db with 2 MDF files which is backed up each night. The
backupdevice resides on a mapped drive on a remote server, due to HD
space limitations. This backup ends with an error:

Processed 184088 pages for database 'air_log', file 'air_log_dat' on
file 1.
Processed 21496 pages for database 'air_log', file 'air_log_dat2' on
file 1.
100 percent backed up.
Processed 94 pages for database 'air_log', file 'air_log_log' on file 1.
Server: Msg 3013, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally.

BOL does not give me any info on this error. When I check the device its
contents are as expected: the last backupdate is shown.
When I look in errorlog The following message is displayed:

BackupDiskFile::RequestDurableMedia: failure on backup device
'M:\airlogBU.BAK'. Operating system error 64(The specified network name
is no longer available.).

This seems to happen at the end of the backupprocess. This will happen
each time the backup is started, either manual or scheduled.

Funny thing though, a dozen db's are backed up this way to mapped
drives, some of them to the same mapped drive. The only difference
between this db and all the others is the fact, that this db has 2 MDF
I have not tried yet to restore the backup to check whether it is ok or
not. It's a rather large db and there is no space on the db-server to
restore it as a test-db. Moving the backupfile to another location is
difficult to say the least.

Any thoughts on this situation? Do I miss something here?


Hans Brouwer

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